Our history

Jetcut started life in 1996 as a research and development company that was looking at how to re-cycle rubber from tyres into a product that could be re-used in tyres. The technology that was in development was based around Ultra High Pressure (40,000psi) water jets. It turns out that these are very capable of turning rubber tyres into crumb with a high surface morphology ideally suited to rubber products.

Pure R&D may be fun, but it does not pay the bills so an alternate income stream was devised to fund the research - Jetcut.

The first business unit established was Jetcut Profile, a CNC flat plate water cutting workshop, operating at pressures of 60,000psi. This was followed by Jetcut Field a service company specialising in Ultra High Pressure water engineering.

Jetcut Field's very first large scale campaign was abandoning wellheads for Woodside off the North West Shelf in 2000. Since then we have taken on many challenging and specialised engineering projects, grown our Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction services and developed excellent systems of work, all looking towards servicing our clients with safe, reliable, specialised solutions.

We still continue to develop IP in the high pressure water industries and hold many patents on new nozzles and cutting systems. This business has also grown, but that is another story...