Our strengths

We strive to do better, reach further and improve in everything we do. It starts with a philosophy of innovation, continues with providing excellent training, the best available equipment and good systems of management to provide safe and reliable specialised services.


When it comes to thinking outside of the square, we like to think that we are ahead of the pack. Jetcut has a proven track record of achieving project goals when others have said "it can't be done". Because innovation can lead to a safer work environment, reduced cost and better environmental outcomes, we welcome input from our staff and clients so we can continue our tradition of bright ideas for industry. See some of our innovations in the resource centre...


Training plays a fundamental role in the development of our personnel at Jetcut. We provide staged introductions to our various technologies and process, with "hands on" supervised inductions to our work methods. Our approach to training and continuous improvement of skills enables our staff to feel confident with any challenge in the workplace and gives our clients the confidence to rely on us.


Capital investment in infrastructure and equipment to perform at the highest level is essential to provide first class service. So is maintenance of that infrastructure and equipment. That's why we invest heavily in these areas as our business grows. Our clients are assured of the best possible service and reliable well maintained equipment to perform any task required.


All the best intentions in the world will only ever be intentions if they are not carried out. That's why at Jetcut we believe in the value of robust systems to aid in capturing our innovative approach and learning from it so we can provide the best possible service to our clients. See some of the accreditations Jetcut holds here...