Cutting coring & bursting

Jetcut provides a range of cutting and bursting technologies that are available for use by asset managers and construction companies to modify and demolish concrete and rock structures.

Diamond wire sawing

Utilising wire with beads of carbide coated with industrial diamonds, wire sawing is a fast way of modifying structures. This technology is also capable of cutting steel structures.

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Diamond blade cutting

Jetcut has a range of traditional circular blade cutting technologies from hand held diamond saws through to large track driven saws. They are capable of cutting through rock, steel and concrete with the right choice of blades.

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Diamond coring can make holes from as small as 20mm right up to several metres in concrete and rock.

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Hydraulic bursting

Used to break up blocks of concrete or stone in situ, hydraulic bursters are especially useful in areas where access and noise are a problem.

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Rock breaking & drilling

Utilising small tunnelling rock breakers and rock drills, demolition work can be sped up with some caveats.

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