Coring is a technique used to cut holes in structures without removing all of the material as a drill would. The "core" is essentially a tube that has diamond wear segments attached to one end and a plate with an attachment device at the other. The core is attached to a special drill that has a flushing / lubricating system. This drill rotates the core and a section of concrete, stone or steel is cut out like a sausage.

Coring v percussive drilling

Coring has two main advantages over percussive drilling in concrete structures1. Can cut through steel re-enforcement2. No percussive vibration

Specialised coring engineering

We have designed, built and deployed many specialised coring systems, some capable of many metres of straight coring through concrete and re-enforcement steel for tunnels, pipelines and demolition.

Jetcut can deploy the following coring systems in the field;

  • Small electric coring drill & stand 250mm cores
  • Large electric coring drill & stand 700mm cores
  • Large hydraulic coring drill & stand up to 2M cores

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