Diamond wire sawing

Diamond wire is a very capable solution for cutting a variety of materials when used appropriately. It is capable of cutting through very thick materials quickly. The wire is covered with beads of carbide that have been spaced evenly and coated with industrial diamonds to cut through just about any material. A series of tensioning pulleys and drive wheels continuously pull the loop of wire as it is rotated around the piece being cut. This progressively shortens the loop, pulling it through the material.

Jetcut can deploy wire sawing technology;

  • Underwater with automated robotic tooling
  • On land in environmentally sensitive areas
  • In areas with difficult access
  • On projects where vibration and noise is an issue
  • To cut through steel, concrete and stone
  • To cut into structures through many metres of material
  • To cut foundations at ground level
  • To cut pipes and piles
  • Many other uses

Specialised wire sawing

We have engineered wire cutting solutions for many purposes and clients. From fully automated diver less systems for use underwater to specialised tunnelling cutting systems.

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Warragamba dam cutting underwater