Rock breaking & drilling

Jetcut employs specialised tunnelling rock breakers and percussive rock drills when it is appropriate to do so. Often our work scope does not allow percussive tools because there is re-enforcement steel or risks associated with using percussive methods.

Confined area tunnelling

Tunnelling robotic breakers are excellent tools in confined areas where conventional breakers are unable to go. Their design allows the percussive force to be delivered perpendicular to the direction of travel, not down or obliquely as in the case of normal rock breakers. This class of tool is remotely controlled so the operator can work from a safe distance from the machine. Like all breakers, they are not effective when there is a lot of steel in the structure.

We generally use a rock breaker when:

  • The block is separate from the structure
  • There is limited re-enforcing steel
  • There is no risk to the structure from micro cracking

Percussive rock drilling

Hand held percussive rock drills can be used to drill holes in rock or concrete. They are much faster than coring up to sizes of about 100mm and produce more spoils, however the speed increase is sometimes worth the extra clean up. They are not generally used if there is re-enforcing steel in the structure.

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