High pressure water blasting

High pressure water blasting has changed the landscape of modern maintenance processes. Jetcut has been at the forefront of these developments since 1996. Today we provide a broad range of services along with qualified experienced technicians and project managers who's care and attention to detail are unmatched in this area.

Pipe cleaning & de-scaling

We can provide a wide variety of tools and equipment to complete any pipe or tube cleaning task you can imagine. Jetcut has provided pipe cleaning services in just about every sector in Australia from cleaning hardened concrete to general scale build up on large diameter pipes.

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Hydro demolition

This technique is used to expose steel re-enforcement in concrete structures without damaging the concrete substrate. It also cleans contaminants from the concrete and steel leaving an excellent scabbled surface for new concrete.

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Tank & equipment cleaning

Jetcut can clean and de-scale a large variety of tanks and equipment. We understand that down time of your asset is expensive so we have invested heavily in automation to increase asset availability to our clients.

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Coatings, corrosion & rubber removal

Polyurethane, rubber, and epoxy, just to name a few of the coatings we can remove from surfaces using water jets. This method leaves the original profiles surface free of contaminants and ready for new coatings.

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Water jet cutting

We can cut literally any material with this process, thick or thin. Often used in explosive environments or where there is a risk of explosion, water jet cutting will penetrate any material combination without any heat or hot sparks.

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