Hydro demolition

Hydro-demolition (also called hydro-excavation) is a process where concrete is washed away by high pressure water jets. Used mostly for structural modifications and repair, it is a very gentle type of demolition where steel re-enforcement is exposed without any damage to the surrounding structure. It is used mostly for restoration, protection and modification projects.


Jetcut can provide a variety of solutions for hydro-demolition from fully automated remotely controlled robotic solutions with full vacuum recovery of waste to cleaning and scabbling of concrete surfaces prior on new pours. This type of technique provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material to adhere to.

Some of the applications include;

  • Removal of spalling concrete for repair
  • Excavation of steel for structural modification
  • Cleaning and scabbling concrete for new pours
  • Re -surfacing of concrete on bridges
  • Structural modifications to critical support structures

Vibration free

Hydro-demolition does not induce any vibration into the structure (unlike percussive demolition methods) so does not induce cracking of the concrete or separation of re-enforcement steel from the substrate.

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