Pipe cleaning & de-scaling

Pipe and tube cleaning is generally used to un-block pipe-work that is becoming unusable because of build ups inside it. This can be caused by scale or loose material that has collected and blocked the pipe entirely.

The services we offer can completely clean scale build up from pipe-work, leaving the passages free to flow as designed. Unlike conventional "pigging" where a mechanical device is fed down the pipe to release the blockage, the cleaning service we offer uses rotating high pressure water jets that blast clean the tube or pipe.

Our services include;

  • General pipe cleaning
  • Stormwater drain cleaning
  • Pipe cleaning of hazardous materials
  • Heat exchanger tube bundle cleaning
  • Offshore pipe cleaning
  • Pipe and drain inspection
  • A wide range of ancillary services (vacuum extraction, filtration and disposal of all wastes).

Jetcut can offer pipe and tube cleaning services across all the industries we service. We have a very large selection of tools and jigs which can be utilised on shutdowns and turnarounds. Alongside this service we can provide vacuum recovery of wastes, filtration of wastewater and disposal of controlled wastes and dangerous goods.

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