Water jet cutting

Utilising ultra high pressure fluid streams in combination with abrasives, water jet cutting can cut through any material without heat or hot sparks. Jetcut has successfully completed a huge variety of projects across a broad range of industries using this technology.

Water jet cutting is ideal for cutting in many situations;

  • Vessel entryways
  • Oil and gas pipeline cutting
  • Fuel tanks
  • Ship bunkers
  • Hardened materials (including ceramic linings)
  • Extremely thick materials
  • Rock & stone
  • Layered explosively bonded materials
  • Titanium & other high temperature resistive materials


We have a number of large Ultra High Pressure pumps available for mobilisation with a vast array of cutting tools and jigs which can be used to cut a variety of shapes.

CNC cutting

Jetcut also has 4 Ultra High Pressure CNC profiling machines in our factory in Canning Vale. These machines can cut up to 12 x 3 metre flat plate up to 30mm thick in any shape you can draw. Click here for more information on this service...

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