Oil & Gas

As a specialist service provider to the oil and gas industry with nearly 20 years of experience, Jetcut can solve problems like no other company. We have the engineering experience to solve complex problems and the back-up of our excellent personnel, equipment, systems and project management to ensure that projects are run to a very high level of expertise.

Professional approach

Unlike other firms doing similar "industrial" style services, we provide a holistic approach to our work, engaging all the expertise available to us before we mobilise anything. This ensures that we provide services that often exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Offshore Risk management

Our offshore risk management is in every facet of our project planning, not just the usual OHSE. Planning all tasks and activities and most importantly providing contingency capability in our work scope is something we take pride in.

Saftey and Environmental management

Of course OHSE is incredibly important and we maintain systems to ensure that everyone works safely and that our environmental responsibilities are met or exceeded. Our goal is for zero harm and we are achieving this through constant monitoring and assessment and implementation of a company wide system to manage safety.

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