Jetcut helps in fire clean up

15th Febury 2013

You might have heard in the news about a factory fire in Canning vale in early January 2013. About how the area needed to be evacuated and emergency services were attending.

What you did not get to read about was the quick response of the staff, and their good systems for fire management that quickly extinguished the fire and managed the emergency without loss of life or major damage to property.

The fire began when a vessel over pressurised and vented the product onto the roof of the factory building. The product (a type of polyester resin) self-ignited on the roof.

This left product on the roof and in the vessel internals hampering the efforts of assessors to work out if the roof required major refurbishment or minor repairs.

Jetcut was employed to perform this work after another contractor was unable to complete the task.

Employing Ultra High Pressure water jets at 40,000psi with specialised blast lances, Jetcut's technicians cleaned the roof and the internal tank of all the hardened resin, revealing the surfaces below where the fire had been.

What this cleaning revealed was an almost undamaged roof and tank which required only minor repairs, underlining the quick response to the incident.

Without a non-damaging process for removing this product, the bill for repairs would have been much higher.

Fire Cleanup PDF