Oil & Gas Pipe cleaning EPIC system completed

30th December 2012

Jetcut has developed a new hydraulically (or pneumatically) driven pipe cleaning system which alleviates many of the problems associated with pipe cleaning.

Pipe cleaning small or hard to access pipe work has always been difficult with conventional tooling. If you add to that difficulty the space constraints and unique pipe access concerns on most platforms and rigs, many standard off the shelf systems just don't do a very good job. Enter the EPIC (Externally Propelled Internal Cleaner) system.

The system will work with a wide variety of high pressure pumps and vacuum recovery systems delivering excellent outcomes for pipe cleanliness, whilst allowing the smallest of blast heads to be fitted.

Unlike most blasting systems used in pipe cleaning, the EPIC system is propelled by an external hose handling system which can be supplied for either hydraulic or pneumatic operation. One of the great advantages of this system is that operators do not need to handle the hose beyond putting it in the pipe, making it much safer in operation than conventional systems.

In use the tool is controlled remotely. Direction, speed of rotation and forward / reverse speeds can all be finely controlled allowing experienced operators many options during use.

If you would like more information on this tool see our EPIC tech brief here.

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