Specialised engineering

Jetcut has a very long tradition of providing engineered solutions to our clients. We have cut enormous blocks of concrete deep underwater where there is no light, created noise encapsulation systems that attenuated noise to almost zero and built the most amazing robotic devices for use in places that people can not go.

Multi disciplinary

From mechanical to control systems engineering, we have it covered. That's because we started out as an engineering research and development company and have continued that work at the cutting edge of water jet technologies.

Innovative engineering

Jetcut and it's partners hold patents on some of the most innovative and game changing technologies out there because we have strived to create more efficient ways of doing things.

And all our clients have access to this resource...

Imagine the possibilities and talk to us. We are sure we can make it happen on your next project.

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Waragamba dam underwater tooling

Woodside Energy wellhead abandonment