Combination Vacuum Units

Combination vacuum units as the name suggests are a combination of vacuum tanker and high pressure water blasting unit. Suitable for many applications, these units are very useful on sites ranging from process plants to building sites. Some of the processes that this type of unit can undertake are listed below:

  • Liquid waste collection and disposal
  • Solid waste collection and disposal
  • Hydro excavation
  • Drain cleaning
  • Potholing for services

Jetcut is licensed to carry various types of waste (un-controlled, controlled or dangerous goods) in these vehicles.

Vacuum capacities

The vacuum systems on these trucks range from 1200 cfm (2000M3/Hr)of airflow up to 2350 cfm (4000M3/Hr). The larger airflow units are capable of picking up house brick sized objects to the interceptor.

Pumping capacities

The pumping systems on these units range from 30L/Min up to300L/Min at 200bar (3000psi). The high flow pumps are capable of cleaning large storm water drains of rocks and debris.

For more information on the types of work that these units can perform go to the Resource centre on the website.

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