Hydro demolition

Hydro-demolition (also called hydro-excavation) is a process where concrete is washed away by high pressure water jets. Used mostly for structural modifications and repair, it is a very gentle type of demolition where steel re-enforcement can be exposed without any damage to the surrounding structure. It is used mostly for repair, protection and modification projects. Jetcut has also used this technique when concrete pours have gone wrong.


When concrete has deteriorated or the reinforcing steel has begun to corrode, it is necessary to remove any unsound concrete and reinforcing bars (rebar) in order to replace it with new concrete and maintain the integrity of the structure. Hydro demolition is perfect for this.


Hydro demolition is used to remove concrete from re - enforcement steel, without damaging it, so that new steel work can be tied in to the structure. It also can be used to "scabble" the concrete, exposing aggregate, which provides an excellent surface for new concrete (or coatings) to adhere to.


The technique also used to expose steel in concrete structures that require cathodic protection.


  • Removal of spalling concrete for repair
  • Excavation of steel for structural modification
  • Cleaning and scabbling concrete for new pours
  • Re -surfacing of concrete on bridges
  • Structural modifications to critical support structures

Unlike jackhammers, hydro demolition does not produce vibrations throughout a structure and therefore does not introduce micro fractures. Furthermore, hydro demolition is ideal for sensitive environments in which low vibration levels are stipulated.

Jetcut has a wide variety of tools for specific hydro demolition tasks. Check our website or contact us for more information.

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