Specialised Pipe Cleaning Tooling

The Specialised Pipe Cleaning Tool heralds a new era in safe, reliable and cost effective tooling for marine and industrial steel structures.

It is a fully automated, high performance engineered tooling system capable of cleaning just about any round steel structure onshore or offshore.

An extensive design and engineering process was undertaken by industry experts to deliver the productivity and surface cleanliness of water jetting with excellent personal safety.

The tool is fully automated ensuring personnel are kept safely away from the work face, therefore eliminating the possibility of injuries.

It is capable of working in any sea conditions, above or below the water line using high performance water jets that deliver efficient cleaning, with cameras providing real-time confirmation of surface finish and integrity of the structure.

The tooling system has many unique design features including:

  • Specialised high efficiency nozzles
  • Controllable stand-off distance to ensure consistent blast/finish
  • Tool carrier motion controlled effectively (rotation/carriage speed)
  • Unique nozzle carrier design

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