Ultra High Pressure Pumps

Jetcut is able to provide many different types of pumps for various applications. We generally classify these units by their working pressure.

Water pressures

Ultra high pressure pumps generally operate at pressures in the region of 1700 Bar (25,000 psi) to 2800 Bar (40,000 psi). Many of the units that Jetcut operate are re-configurable for high pressures of 700 Bar (10,000psi) to 1700 Bar (25,000 psi) as well.

Flow rates

Jetcut can provide a range of flow rates for different applications. Contact us for more information.

Pump Types

Our units are generally positive displacement pumps, however we do field pressure controlled intensifier pumps as well.


Ultra high water flows generated by these pumps can be used for a variety of tasks across a broad section of the industries we work in including;

  • Pipe cleaning & de-scaling
  • Hydro demolition
  • Tank & heavy equipment cleaning
  • Coatings, corrosion & rubber removal
  • Water jet cutting

For more information on the types of work that these units can perform go to the Resource centre on the website.

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