Industrial vacuuming

Jetcut currently operates a fleet of vacuum trucks and small cyclonic vacuum units for use in the field. The trucks range from large drain cleaning combination units down to small vacuum only units. We can provide controlled or dangerous goods category vehicles if required. All our personnel are trained to the highest standards and hold all the relevant licensing.

Hydro excavation

Hydro excavation (sometimes called vacuum excavation) is a process where earth, stones and heavy debris is removed to create a hole or trench. It is a safe way to excavate where there are services that can be damaged by conventional methods of digging.

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Drain & sump cleaning

Our combination units are capable of cleaning industrial drains and sumps rapidly and effectively. With up to 300LPM jetting capability, blockages are washed away, and the debris vacuumed up.

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Offshore vacuum recovery

Paint & debris recovery from our operations offshore can be recovered with our portable cyclonic vacuum units.

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