Hydro excavation

Hydro excavation (also called vacuum excavation, suction excavation or pneumatic excavation) is a technique that is useful when holes or trenches need to be made where there are services already in the ground. High pressure water or air is used to fluidise the earth and small rocks in the trench or hole and a large capacity vacuum system is used to suck up the debris.

Industry best practice

The technique is quickly becoming recognised as best practice when working in areas of underground utility congestion. The technique almost eliminates the risk of damaging underground assets. Often unknown utilities are exposed, saving lives, money and time.

Some of the uses of this technique are;

  • Digging trenches for new utilities
  • Removing soil from piles
  • Cleaning silt build up from dams & canals
  • Potholing to locate existing services


Jetcut have a variety of units that are capable of vacuum excavation, varying in size and capacity that are suitable for this type of work.

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