Minesite heavy equipment cleaning

Cleaning assets on minesites for service or testing has to be done as quickly as possible without compromising safety as production assets need to keep working.

Most mining assets need to be serviced or integrity tested to ensure their ongoing operation and safety. Most are on a maintenance schedule governed by use (hours) and as a result become due at the most inconvenient time, namely when there is a production push. We understand the demands placed on maintenance personnel to get these assets turned around as quickly as possible.

Jetcut regularly cleans minesite drilling rigs and other assets for a variety of clients and we have developed high flow work methods to clean them quickly and safely.

Our project management team is very good at freeing up our blasting assets for this critical work when it is needed. Sometimes with very little notice. We have a number of blasting teams and equipment spreads. These can usually be mobilised to perform this type of work quickly.

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