Pipe refurbishment for Apache Energy

Apache needed high pressure pipe for repairs on Varanus Island. Because of the long lead times and the need to complete repairs quickly they decided to re-task some weight coated high pressure pipe.

That may sound easy, but when you consider that the pipe is coated firstly with a multi layer polypropylene, notoriously difficult to remove. Then with a high density iron shot weight coat over the top of that, the works scope gets a little more complex. Add to that the requirement that no damage can be done to the pipe whatsoever and the need to re-coat the pipe with a very special high viscosity temperature controlled mix on demand product for splash zones and it jumps out of the league of most contractors.

Jetcut was selected to perform this work because we had the expertise, equipment and room to perform all of the work in our 10,000 M2 facility in Canning Vale.

Firstly we removed the weight coat with a hydro-demolition nozzle which cut the weight coat on both sides. This water jet (about 30,000psi) does not damage the steel pipe at all and enabled us to peel the coating off. This was done with an automated jig.

Next we used an ultra high pressure coatings removal nozzle to blast the polypropylene off. This was also achieved with a fully automated jig.

After the polypropylene had been removed (no easy task) the pipes were abrasive blasted to ensure that there was a profile and coated.

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